Strengthen Your Bond with a Sensual Massage

Life can get very busy and sometimes finding a way to make time for intimacy can be a challenge. However, spending time with your partner in an intimate way can help relieve any stress or frustration that you may have built up over time. Bonding with your partner can be expressed in many ways, not just by making love. Increasing the time that you are physically connected with your partner through a sensual massage can help aid in increasing your physical and mental bond. 

Here are a few tips to help increase the time that you and your partner have together while enjoying the benefits that a sensual massage encourages.


Set the mood

For the perfect massage with your partner, create a relaxing mood for the type of intimacy that you'll both truly enjoy. From soothing and sensual music to an abundant amount of scented candles to fill the air with arousing aromas, transform your bedroom into a romantic space that encourages and promotes a stronger bond between you and your partner. Ensuring that all the senses are stimulated, enjoy an intimate and intense massage experience to help you and your partner reconnect and re-engage. 


Take your time

Giving your partner a massage can be a sensual experience for the both of you. However, remember to pay attention to all areas of the body – especially areas mentioned by your partner. Begin by slowly and gently messaging those areas of the body as you start to experiment with different techniques. Once you have found your rhythm; try long and short strokes, circular motions, various pressure pulses on various areas of the upper and lower back. By taking your time and working on areas that are typically neglected, you'll be showing your partner how much you care.


Use massage cream

A good massage could take the form of gentle touching or deep tissue manipulation. Whichever one you choose, adding K-Y® Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant is a great way of dialing up the romance for an even more intimate night together. Take turns massaging each other to experience the pleasure and repeat what you liked best to prolong the moment. The impact of a proper sensual massage will be a lasting one!