Synchronise Your Sex Drives for Maximum Satisifaction

Man and woman smiling in bed

In an ideal world, you and your partner would be completely in sync when it comes to intimacy but unfortunately, that may not be the case. When it comes to sexual intimacy, a difference in sex-drives can become a problem in a long-term relationship, despite the similarities you and your partner might share. With different lifestyles, interests and emotions, it may be hard to sync with your partner mentally, emotionally and physically.


Make it a priority

In an ideal world (and in your deepest fantasies) you and your partner would be completely in sync when it comes to your mutual needs for intimacy. However, men and women both go through phases of not having that burning desire to make love to their partner at any given opportunity. The road from seduction to sex is not an easy 5-minute short-cut, so creating alone time with your partner helps create a bond that can bring you two closer together.


Don't get distracted 

Our minds work in different ways, so whilst personal stress might set your lover’s sex-drive ablaze, it might completely turn you off. Worrying about work or dealing with physical ailments can trigger a lack of libido and decrease your desires of wanting to connect with your partner. There are several ways to increase the intimacy between you and your partner while increasing your sensual pleasure.

Gentle, non-sexual touching increases comfort levels and reassures you and your partner that every physical gesture doesn't always have to lead to sex. So if your partners not in the mood for sex, grab some sensual massage gel as an alternative that suits you both.

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Open up

Do you remember how it was when you and your partner were first together and how much you flirted and talked sexily to each other? Sharing your fantasies can help create the spark that you both need for sex. Be empathetic and show you care about how they’re feeling; understanding each other with open and honest communication is essential. Not only will you two feel closer as a couple, but you can increase your arousal and seduction by talking openly about being intimate.


Stay active

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself will increase your sex-drive, so if your lover is more sexually orientated than you in general, this is a great way to keep up! The vitamins in fruit and vegetables help to maintain blood flow to the male and female sex organs so get your 5-a-day and let your pulses run away! Regular exercise has the same effect and will also improve your confidence, which has a knock on effect to your libido!


Be a bit bold

If you’re up for it at the drop of a hat and your partner just isn't feeling it, it’s easy to let it knock your confidence but don't. Try not to worry about it too much, as this will only add pressure to your sex-life and your relationship. Work a little harder on figuring out what your partner wants and embrace the temporary change – it could refresh your relationship! Once you've both figured out what works, get creative and up the ante with seductive foreplay to give your partner an even greater thrill.