benefits of lube

Using a lubricant is one of the easiest ways to bring you and your partner even closer together during intimacy. Not only does it make your intimate times together even better, it can make your lovemaking session that more enjoyable. If you are looking at ways to increase the physical connection between you and your partner while enjoying the emotional benefits that using a lubricant can bring, here are a few ways that adding lubricant to your sex lives can improve intimacy.


Lubricant helps to prevent dryness

For women going through menopause, vaginal dryness can be a problem. However, it is possible to have enjoyable sex even if you suffer with this problem!

A lubricant is a popular choice for women who suffer from dryness as it helps bring suppleness back to the intimate areas. To create a longer, more pleasurable, and sexier intimate session; adding a few drops of lubricant can help keep you and your partner going from start to finish.


You can enjoy foreplay even more

A personal lubricant can be incorporated into your foreplay routine in a number of ways. For example, use a warming lubricant as a massage oil to help further heighten sensations between you and your partner. Whatever you and your partner decide to use it for, a lubricant can be a great addition for creating an exciting sensory experience for the both of you.


Lubricants can help to prevent condom breakage

Believe it or not, adding a personal lubricant can help fight friction by providing a protective layer of moisture to the applied area. The lack of adequate lubrication can increase the chances of condom breakage and may also make her prone to possible infections. Adding a lubricant is a great way to help ease both you and your partner into physical intimacy, making for an even more pleasurable and passionate experience.

Remember, even if you use lube, there is still a chance that your condom may break – so always be sure to check!

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Use lubricant to transition to the main event

Sometimes, it takes your body a little while to get in the mood. Using a lubricant can make intimacy between you and your partner more enjoyable. Not only can it enhance your lovemaking it allows you to keep the action going without having to pump the brakes. The best way to figure out which lubricant works well for you is to experiment. For a natural feeling, try a product like K-Y® Warming Liquid. To enhance the pleasure between you and your partner, try K-Y® Intense® Pleasure Gel. Once you’ve chosen one that is right for you, adding a few drops of lubricant is a great way of bringing you two even closer together.

If you or your partner have never used lubricants before, it could be a good idea to gradually introduce lube into the bedroom. If you and your partner are open to trying new things, bring it up in conversation and discuss the benefits of using lubricant during foreplay and sex.

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