couples communication

Touch is a language that transcends ethnicity and culture. Not only is it a nurturing behavior, it communicates a variety of emotions to your partner. When making physical contact with your partner; you can increase trust, warm feelings, while encouraging intimacy. Here are a few ways to touch with your partner for a positive and fulfilling relationship. 

Embrace each other

If you're feeling stressed or exhausted from a hard day of work, a simple hug from your partner can be the perfect remedy to help de-stress while creating a strong sense of comfort and security for a more meaningful connection. A warm embrace from your partner not only increases intimacy but helps you both connect on a deeper and satisfying level.

Go to bed together

Having the same bedtime routine with your partner is a great opportunity to help bring you two closer together. Engaging in sexual intimacy can help ease stress, alleviate headaches, and can help you sleep better. If you and your partner are feeling a bit adventurous, trying new things as a couple such as incorporating a sensual lubricant, can make your intimate time together more pleasurable.

Have fun together

With the daily stressors of life, injecting humor and playfulness into your relationship can improve your connection with one another. Laughing not only benefits both you and your partner, but can help relieve stress, defuse tension, and allow you to show more affection with one another. Whether it's unleashing a stream of tickles or just a friendly pillow fight, touching your partner promotes closeness and encourages feelings of trust and cooperation.

Expand your horizons

Traveling together as a couple is a sure fire way to help increase satisfaction in your relationship, physical intimacy, as well as improve your connection long after your vacation ends. Whether it’s holding hands or sitting close to one another, touch is important for developing intimacy in a relationship. As you and your partner explore new cities and cultures, physical contact along the way will help you two feel more relaxed and in-tune with one another.

Flirt with your partner

Spending time flirting with your partner can help strengthen your relationship while providing you both the opportunity to discover each other’s likes, dislikes, and needs. Just like at the beginning of a new relationship, couples can often spend hours engrossed in conversation and subtle forms of flirting; so let your fingers linger, smile seductively, and whisper your desires to one another to help improve romance and sexual intimacy.

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