date night ideas

After many sleepless nights caring for your bundle of joy. you've earned a fun evening out with your partner. Take a night off for some 'me' and 'us' time, using this list as your guide. 

Things You Will Need

  • Responsible babysitter: Ask a family member or trusted neighbor
  • Emergency Contacts: List the numbers for poison control, doctors and relatives
  • Ample Formula or Breast Milk: Pump in advance or buy plenty of bottles
  • Special Instructions: Explain food allergies or medication directions, and list emergency contact numbers
  • Schedule: Make a detailed itinerary for both you and your baby
  • Portable Breast Pump: Bring it with you for long evenings or overnight dates
  • Sexy Dress: Wear something flirty and fun that flatters your features
  • K-Y Warming Liquid: Slip it in your nightstand for spontaneous intimate moments

Things to Do

  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure
  • Pack a bag for extended or overnight dates
  • Connect to your partner, yourself, and the world
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to relax and have fun
  • Check in with the sitter at an agreed-upon time

Feeling inspired?