What Not to Say in Bed

Open communication between partners helps lay a foundation for a successful intimate relationship. However, there are certain places where saying the wrong thing can have devastating consequences- one being the bedroom. To avoid creating any unnecessary awkwardness between you and your partner during your intimate moments, here are a collection of phrases to avoid.

“Wait…you took your pill, right?”

Contraception should always be a priority; however, this is something that should be confirmed beforehand between you and your partner become intimate. Assuming that the other has taken preventive measures not only creates an uncomfortable situation but can lead to bigger issues down the line. To avoid any slip-ups, make sure to have a discussion ahead of time to make sure that you two are on the same page.

“Do you not find me attractive anymore?”

With increased pressure to always be ‘ready’, your partner might have a hard time maintaining his erection. This could be due to stress, fatigue, or other factors. If you find that your partner is having difficulty staying in the moment, avoid confusing this experience for a lack of desire towards you. Instead, assure him that it is okay as you find other ways to stay connected.

“Why is it taking so long?”

Putting pressure on your partner to climax is probably, in fact, delaying it. Being intimate with your partner should be more about connecting and enjoying one another. So rather than forcing the big moment to happen unnaturally, take your time exploring your partner for an added boost to your lovemaking routine. To increase the level of pleasure that you and your partner both receive, try K-Y Yours + Mine ® for a new experience that is sure to leave you both satisfied.

“What are you doing?”

During your intimate moments, criticism should be the furthest thing from your mind. You should be encouraging your partner when making love, not pointing out their flaws. Communicating openly about what you do and don’t like beforehand is important, as this can reduce any tensions that may arise. If you aren’t enjoying something that your partner is doing, make sure to let them know in a sensitive way while reassuring them with an alternative option that is more pleasurable for you.

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“Well, that was quick…”

On the flip side of a delay in climaxing, premature ejaculation is a common issue that most couples face. Commenting on this will not only knock your partner’s confidence but can impact his performance and self-esteem. To avoid bruising your partner’s ego, introduce your partner to K-Y® Duration spray or  K-Y® Duration gel to help with endurance and prolong ejaculation so the both of you could stay in the moment for longer.


“One second…let me just get that”

Answering your phone when you’re getting intimate is bound to be a mood killer. To avoid any distractions that will interfere in creating the mood for intimacy between you and your partner, switch off your phones and any other device before you get in bed.