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Whether it's a Sunday morning breakfast-burritos-and-football-ritual or an obsession with the latest and greatest sci-fi show, it’s the things you do together as a couple (and the way you do them) that bring you closer and connect you to each other. While these daily activities say a lot about who the two of you are together, did you know that you and your partner are communicating even when sleeping?

Just as folding your arms denotes insecurity or putting your hand on your hip tells the world you’re confident, sleeping positions can reveal your inner mood, especially because you’re letting your subconscious do the work. Even more revealing is how you and your partner sleep next to each other.

What are you saying to your partner when you’re sleeping — and what are they saying to you? Check out our favorite couple sleeping positions below.


All-Night Talkers

You and your partner typically sleep facing each other, perhaps touching toes or fingers in the night. You probably got into bed with the intention of catching up or having a deeper conversation but fell asleep right away instead. Even though your lives are super busy, that light touch shows you're still connected.

The great thing about your relationship is that no matter how crazy life gets, you never have to doubt that your partner will be there for you — after all, his face will be the first thing you see when you wake.


All-Night Talkers Sleeping Tip:

Even if you’re exhausted from a busy day, don’t forget to take the time to say “I love you” to your partner. This sentiment might be simple, but it's great relationship advice as it's a powerful way to show you care.

Sleeping positions can reveal your inner mood...


The Guardians

In this position, you and your partner are facing opposite sides of the bed but your backsides are touching. Like a pair of spies, you trust your partner and have his back. You’re both adventurers, looking out for something new and exciting, but you also deeply value your bond. Yours is a relationship of balance: You love being together but you also each enjoy your time apart spent nurturing your own passions.


Guardians Sleeping Tip:

Though he knows you've got his back, for something new, mix up your sleeping style. A quick cuddle is a great way to get in some quality time before you drift off to sleep.


Spoon Sleeping Position

There’s a reason spooning is a classic way for couples to show their affection — all that cuddling and snuggling is pretty darn sweet. Your relationship is extremely affectionate overall; you're the type to hold hands, kiss in public, finish each other’s sentences, and share private jokes.


Spooning Sleeping Tip:

You and your partner might not stay Spooners forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip down memory lane now and then.


Super Solo

While Spooners and All-Night Talkers are constantly checking in on their partner, if you sleep on opposite sides of the bed without touching, you and your partner enjoy giving each other space. You and your guy are secure in who you are as a couple and likely to love and admire each other’s independence. 

While the other sleepers might not enjoy the lack of touch, you know that having your own space just means that when you are together, the intimacy is all the more special.


Super Solo Sleeping Tip:

Though you enjoy your own space, remind your partner why you love him every night with a kiss goodnight, gentle caress, or loving back massage. 


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