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You know that maintaining a strong relationship comes primarily from you and your partner – in the form of date nights, supporting each other, and doing all those sweet things that keep the spark alive. But a number of stellar tools are at your disposal that can boost your bond and take your intimacy to the next level, too. One of the most versatile ones? K-Y® Warming® Liquid, which enhances your bedroom activities in a whole new way.

Learn more about how this product can add some fun – not to mention a whole new level of sensation – into your relationship.


During foreplay:

A great time to useK-Y® Warming® Liquid is before the action starts. The warming component of the product will provide a totally different between-the-sheets sensation for you and for your partner, creating a fresh experience for both of you. Trying new things in bed is an amazing way to take your intimacy to new heights and make sex exciting.


When you want to get romantic

Take your unwinding activities to new heights by using K-Y® Warming® Liquid well before the action starts. The product provides an amazing warming sensation that makes for a great massage oil option. And it's not just for your intimate parts – it can be used all over your body. Massage is a perfect activity for bonding and feeling close to your partner, as well as an ideal activity for getting in the mood, too.


Before a quickie

Perhaps time of is of the essence and you and your partner want to get intimate, stat. K-Y® Warming® Liquid  can add to your own natural lubrication, making it a great tool for feeling sexy quickly. Because K-Y® Warming® Liquid  is a lubricant and can enhance your pleasure, it's the perfect product to use in these moments. You'll feel the added sensation the warming component provides, plus the product works with your body to make the short-but-sweet experience feel amazing.



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Journalist Natasha Burton has written for Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Maxim,, and, among others. The author of101 Quizzes for Coulpes and The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags, she is regularly called on as a relationship expert by various media outlets around the world.

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