Why Couples Should Have More Sex

Next time, don't leave it too long!

He’s the ham to your cheese, the peanut butter to your jelly, and the cookies to your milk. While you know he’ll be there to laugh with you in the good times and lend a shoulder in the not-so-good, with busy work schedules, social engagements and mental to-do list hundreds of items long, sometimes your intimate life doesn’t get the attention it deserves... 

Many couples tend to undervalue the deeper significance of physical intimacy. But more than just something fun you do as a couple, intimacy is a crucial aspect of your bond for these important – and partnership-boosting – reasons.

It keeps you bonded

Because of the hormones released when you're between the sheets and immediately following, you'll feel a deeper bond with your partner when you're intimate with each other.

Oxytocin is the biggest part of this hormone cocktail. Both men and women release this chemical when they have an orgasm, and it produces feel-good vibes like nothing else. Not to knock dinner and a movie, but being intimate makes you feel a sense of attachment and closeness that replicated by even the most romantic date.

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It's your "Thing"

Intimacy is something you do only with each other. It's something you share with no one else, which makes it special and meaningful for that reason alone. Sure, you may have had other partners in the past, but in the here and now, physical intimacy is undoubtedly, unequivocally your own thing. When you do the deed, you and your partner remind each other that you're in a special club of two that gets to have fun without your clothes on.

They don't call it making love for nothing...

It makes you feel loved

They don't call it making love for nothing. Men especially feel validated and loved by some bedroom action, as they value physical intimacy as a way of feeling closer to their partners. In fact, intimacy can be a comforting experience. Ultimately, desiring your partner and feeling desired in return can be very validating – not to mention a huge confidence boost.

It boosts your mood

Oxytocin isn't the only hormone released during intimacy. Your body also produces endorphins, which create an overall feeling of happiness. Plus, regular physical intimacy helps regulate your brain's cortisol levels, which ultimately reduces stress in your daily life.

There's even research suggesting that sex actually makes you look and feel younger. All of these effects translate into both partners feeling more content, which makes for a more positive, happier partnership.


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