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Snowed In Bundle

The K-Y Snowed In Bundle is the perfect gift set for spicing things up under the sheets. There’s nothing better than snuggling in the warmth of your bedroom when it’s cold outside, so why not heat things up to the next level of intensity with this gift set. The K-Y Jelly Water Based Lube helps to make your personal moments...


The K-Y YAAAAAS bundle contains everything you need for a great night in under the covers. Better sex could be just around the corner.Discover K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lube. Two different lubes with two very different sensations. K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricants provide an invigorating warming sensation for him and a thrilling tingling sensation for her. Put the two of them together...

Take Me Away Bundle

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Delay Take Off Bundle

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Bae Bundle

The K-Y Bae Bundle is perfect for a romantic night in under the covers. K-Y LOVE Passion Couples Pleasure Gel helps to enhance intimacy for you and your partner, bringing sensuality to the bedroom. This non-greasy lube for couples helps to intensify sensations and enhance the intimate moments both of you experience.Then, take things to a new level with K-Y...

Cuffing Season Bundle

Cuffing season is upon us. Prepare yourself with K-Y's Cuffing Season bundle that contains two fabulous products. Perfect for those cold winter nights.K-Y Warming Liquid Personal Lubricant adds extra lubrication wherever you want it, plus it provides a lovely warming sensation that enhances intimacy for both you and your lover. Non-greasy and gentle on skin, it adds some warmth to...

Wetter, Better Bundle

Our Wetter, Better Bundle is the ideal gift for those who want natural-feeling products in every aspect of their sex lives. K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lubricant features a longer lasting formula that contains ingredients such as Aloe Vera. The water-based formula of K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lube & Massage Gel is free from parabens, glycerin, hormones, alcohol or fragrances and...

Hot Destination Bundle

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Everything In Between Bundle

Explore pleasurable sex with the K-Y Everything In Between bundle that features three of our fabulous lubes.K-Y UltraGel personal lube has a unique water-based liquid gel formula that allows you to quickly prepare for sexual intimacy, easing the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness in the process.Also included is K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lubricant. The formula contains ingredients like Aloe Vera...

Get It Going Bundle

It's time to Get It Going with the latest bundle from K-Y. Featuring two products designed to help bring pleasure to your intimate routines, great sex could be just around the corner.Explore every curve of each other with the K-Y Ultimate Pleasure Personal Bullet Vibrator. A sex toy that's whisper quiet and features 2 speeds and 3 pulse modes for...

All You Bundle

It's time to pamper yourself with K-Y's You bundle. Featuring two of our fabulous products, they do say the best things come in the smallest packages.Bring some thrills into your bedroom routine with the K-Y Ultimate Pleasure Vibrator, a sex toy with sensual curves. Ergonomically designed with a luxurious feel - it's been created for targeted stimulation wherever you want...

Get Intense Bundle

Get Intense with K-Y's latest bundle, featuring a sex toy and lube for a great night in under the covers.Discover pleasurable sex with the K-Y Ultimate Pleasure Vibrator, a sex toy with sensual curves that is designed for targeted stimulation in the most intimate areas of the body. Ergonomically designed, it's a luxurious treat. Plus, the addition of five different modes...

Date Night Bundle

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Ultimate Pleasure Bundle

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