Give the Gift of Time This Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the busy holiday activities and forget what matters to us. However, it’s important to allow some time for you and your partner to spend together, and what better time to try and steal intimate moments with your loved one than the festive season? Take a look at our top tips on how to give the best gift of all time this year: time.

Make Time For Each Other

Whether you’re working overtime for extra Christmas spends, or you’re absorbed in ticking everything off your shopping list, it’s important that in amongst all of this, you and your partner spend some time together.

This doesn’t have to be going out for lavish meals or a night on the town; simply cooking together, or sitting down on the couch with a film and glass of mulled wine and catching up on each other’s days will ultimately help you both feel closer to each other. If you find yourselves sitting in silence watching TV before bed, try turning your TV and other devices off an hour early, and spending that time cuddling and conversing instead.

"Whether you’re working overtime for extra Christmas spends, or you’re absorbed in ticking everything off your shopping list, it’s important that in amongst all of this, you and your partner spend some time together."

Get Intimate

With the nights getting longer, darker and colder, Christmas is the best time to get intimate with your loved one, whether this be holding hands and snuggling up whilst watching a Christmas movie, or exploring one another in the bedroom. Enjoying these passionate and cherished moments with your partner releases a hormone called dopamine; a chemical neurotransmitter found in the brain that is often referred to as the ‘happy hormone’.

This release not only provides heightened pleasure during these intimate moments, but also brings a deepened sense of connection with your loved one.
Sometimes our intimate moments don’t always go to plan, and you may find your moments of passion are over earlier than anticipated. However, with the help of K-Y Duration spray, you can stay in the moment for longer and truly give the gift of time this Christmas.

Be Thoughtful

Christmas isn’t all about giving expensive gifts and showering your loved one with lavish products to show your affection. Giving your partner the occasional compliment, offering to help them out with chores, or just asking how their day went is a great way to connect with each other.

If spending copious amounts of cash on each other isn’t on the cards this Christmas, buying them their favourite festive drink, or a framed photograph of the both of you, are great thoughtful gifts to let them know that you’re thinking about them. Writing them a poem or cooking a romantic meal are also great gestures to show that you care, without breaking the bank.

Be Mindful

To most of us, Christmas is a wonderful time of year. However, to others it may not be as magical as anticipated. The yearly façade of deciding who to spend the holidays with, along with the stress of purchasing gifts and cooking a Christmas dinner, can put a huge strain on people.

It’s important to be mindful if your partner isn’t enjoying the festive spirit as much as you are, and be considerate when discussing who you spend the special day with. Offering your partner a helping hand can go a long way, and will let them know how much you appreciate them. Christmas is about treasuring moments with your loves ones, and showing your love and appreciation for each other doesn’t need to involve huge expense, because a caring gesture can be the best gift of all.


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