Sexual Performance Anxiety: How to Overcome in the Bedroom


Sexual performance anxiety affects almost all men at some point in their sex lives; however, that should come as no surprise. For most, sex is both an emotional and physical act. However, stress on the body can heavily impact the way the body responds to intimacy. With the help of 5 tips, you can learn how to reduce performance anxieties for a calmer, more fulfilling sex life.

Stop thinking of sex as a ‘performance’

Some men view sex as a demonstration of their manhood - they think it's all about how ‘big’ they should be and how well they perform. This preoccupation with performance can be a problem when it comes to anxiety. Rather than a romantic encounter, sex becomes goal orientated. By changing the psyche, you can improve the situation and reduce the need to panic. Sex should be based on connecting with your partner and providing an atmosphere where you two can physically and mentally connect.

Address any anxieties

When experiencing anxiety, the body goes into a heightened state of alert- causing difficulty for your partner to maintain an erection. However, sexual anxiety can be addressed through a number of relaxation techniques. Whether you decide to partake in regular workouts or want to improve your breathing through yoga; these activities can help decrease blood pressure and muscle tension in the body, making for a better and more improved performance in the bedroom.


Communication is vital in any relationship, but all the more so to address sexual anxieties. Talking with your partner can improve your connection while allowing you both the opportunity to discuss your fears and concerns. Don't be afraid to reveal your desires and fantasies, while remaining open to your partner's feedback and suggestions. Being clear on what you both need, want and expect can prevent you from making it a bigger issue than it needs to be.

Clear your mind

Sex is undoubtedly important in a loving relationship; however, worrying or over thinking about outside problems can inhibit your performance. Instead, focus on kissing, cuddling, and holding your partner. By relaxing and staying in the moment, you are able to enjoy each more making it a more pleasurable experience. For a better time with your partner; let sex happen spontaneously, preferably without any forward planning as this can help clear your mind and increase passion. K-Y ® Duration  is another great addition to add to your bedroom routine for a longer, more pleasurable connection with your partner. 

Lifestyle changes

Certain lifestyle changes can help to address anxiety issues. For example, eating a balanced diet, getting more sleep, and partaking in regular exercise, can help to combat sexual concerns. However, the abuse of drugs and alcohol can also have long-term detrimental physiological impacts on performance and should be avoided. For some, these can be a short term fix for relaxation; but over time, they can in fact lead to greater anxiety and further complicate problems. By eliminating these substances, it can help improve your general health for a more substantial and better sex life.



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