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How to Effectively Use Lube During Sex

how to use lube

Bringing lube into the bedroom can be a great way to deepen the connection with your partner and add some adventure to your sex lives. Using lube during sex can help make both of you feel more comfortable during sex. We’ve created a guide on how to use lube during sex to help create an intimate experience for both of you. 

What is Lube?

Lubricants are used to supplement your natural moisture and optimize comfort during those intimate moments with your partner. Lube supplements a woman’s natural lubrication. A woman’s natural lubrication depends on a multitude of things, so the use of a lubricant can help her feel at ease and comfortable throughout the experience. 

However, lubes aren’t just for women. K-Y offers couple’s lubricants so that both of you can add excitement to your foreplay and amplify the fun in your intimate moments.  

Use Pleasure Lubes & Gels

Discover all kinds of thrilling sensations when you use our range of pleasure gels and lubes that could help spice up the sexual experience for you both.

From foreplay to intercourse, our pleasure gels and lubes have been designed to make your intimate moments more comfortable. Allowing you to discover each other in new ways, share moments of unforgettable feelings in your sexual routine. 

Using Lube During Foreplay

Foreplay could be the perfect time for you to experiment and discover how lube can work for you both. Start off with just one or two drops (adding more when necessary) and use your hands to explore each other’s body parts and find out how the lubricants feel on different areas of your body and what you like and dislike.

Everyone is different and therefore everyone enjoys different things. Ensuring you and your partner are both vocal about how you’re feeling and what feels good will help you both work together to improve your intimacy. Communicating and understanding what your partner enjoys will also help deepen that intimate connection between you both and enhance your sexual relationship.

Using Lube During Sex

When it comes to using lube during intercourse, you and your partner should explore different areas to work out what’s best for the both of you. As a rule of thumb, you should begin by using two to three drops, seeing how you go and then adding more as and when it’s needed.

It’s highly important to make sure your lube is compatible with the condom you’re using. Always read the directions on each type of lube you are using to see if that lube is condom compatible. And when using lubes, always be sure to read and follow all other usage instructions. 

Explore sensations the lube gives you in intimate areas and experiment with your sex positions to learn how lube could help increase your pleasure from all angles. Take a read of our 5 sex positions everyone should try article if you’re stuck for ideas.

Again, it’s important to be vocal with your partner and share what you enjoyed so you can work together to help give each other maximum pleasure. You should also pick the lube that you feel will work for you. From water-based lube to silicone-based lube, there's many different varieties available. 

K-Y Natural Feeling Personal Lube

Use Natural-Feeling Personal Lubricants

Create sensual and intimate moments with your partner and give them a massage using our natural-feeling lube. As they can be used as a personal lubricant or a gentle massage gel, they’re designed to help enhance intimacy while helping to protect against discomfort during sexual activity.

Our natural feeling lubes help to ensure you can enjoy those special moments free from parabens and hormones as inclusive of ingredients like Aloe Vera.

Giving your partner a teasing massage may help things to get heated up in the bedroom. Set the mood and dim the lights to get your lover feeling totally relaxed and let your hands do the rest of the work! Natural lube is the ideal choice for those who want to know exactly what is in the products they're using.  

Lube for Anal Sex

Let’s get this out the way: anal sex isn’t for everyone. It’s always best to have an open and frank discussion about whether you want your relationship to go in that direction and it’s important to read up on the best ways to introduce anal sex into your bedroom routine. For heterosexual couples, research has found that some women feel like anal intercourse is more intimate than vaginal sex, reserving it for ‘special partners’ only.[1] 

What Lube Should I Use for Anal Sex?

When it comes to lube, keep things simple and always ensure you wear a condom. As the opening of the anus tends to be very tight, a lubricant that features a long-lasting formula like K-Y True Feel Premium Silicone Lube could be ideal.

Silicone lubes are generally considered to be longer lasting than some water based, meaning they reduce friction and abrasion. Due to how delicate that area of the body is, you’ll want to take as much care as possible.[2]

The long-lasting formula means that you may not need to reapply as often, and it is compatible with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms. The most important thing to note is to take it steady and apply as much lubricant as you think you’ll need. Use as directed. 

Lubes for Couples

Looking for a couple’s lube? Try the K-Y® Yours & Mine® Couples Lubricant to help bring a whole new adventure to the bedroom. Feel ease and comfort together, and begin to make chemistry, magic and love. Giving warming sensations for him and thrilling tingling sensations for her.

Bringing lube into your bedroom experiences is a great way to help enhance your sex life. Incorporate lube into your sex life to help take your intimacy to new heights and most importantly, have plenty of fun with it. 


[1] Reynolds, Grace L., Fisher, Dennis G., Rogala, Bridget “Why Women Engage in Anal Intercourse: Results from a Qualitative Study” US National Library of Medicine, November 7 2014

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