Massage As Foreplay Tips

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If you are looking for an easy, pleasurable way to add depth to your relationship in and outside of the bedroom, consider introducing a sensual DIY massage into your foreplay repertoire. Massages encourage you to truly focus on the experience and explore each other’s bodies in a way that isn't just sexual. Talk about a win-win situation. It's a great foreplay idea to bring you closer together!


Massages & Relaxation

Depending on daily stresses and a whole host of other factors, your partner may not be mentally or physically primed for a sensual massage. It's a worthwhile endeavor then to spend some time upfront helping your man relax. You know him best, so go with what works – whether it's drawing a hot bath, dimming the lights, streaming some mellow music, diffusing calming oils, or even a neck rub.


Prepare Your Home Massage Parlor

While there's certainly nothing wrong with an impromptu massage, thinking ahead can enhance the evening even more. Start with a firm and preferably flat surface where your significant other can lie down undisturbed. Then break out the K-Y Warming Liquid Personal Lube. Not only will it reduce friction and make your hands glide more smoothly, but the consistency of the oil against skin can be a turn-on.

K-Y Warming Liquid


Focus On Your Massage

One way to maximize the experience, no matter how long the massage lasts, is to focus on specific body parts. Either ask him where he wants to be touched, or kick things off with a seriously sexy stimulus – the feet. Not only are they packed with sexual nerves, rubbing them also elevates feel-good hormones.


Massage Variations

It's often said variety is the spice of life, and intimate massages are no exception. Try alternating kneading with light nail strokes, gentle rubs with surprise pinches, and rolling compression with staccato chops – have fun trying to find the sexy combo he’ll love. Don't forget to give your partner's erogenous zones some attention, too. Some highly sensitive zones also include the inner thighs, ears, and nape of the neck.


Explore Each Other

Massages work well as foreplay because they stimulate so many senses at once. So, if you have hours to linger, by all means, do. This is a time for truly exploring and appreciating each other's bodies. Having said that, all of that stimulation might just lead to more climactic action quicker than you anticipated – and that's perfectly fine, too. The most important aspect is enjoying the experience and intimacy that sensual massages have to offer.

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