Stress Relieving Foreplay Ideas

Stress Relieving Foreplay Ideas

At the end of a long, hectic day, PJs and sleep may seem most appealing – but you also want to carve some time to connect with your partner. Focus on relaxing foreplay to work your way into the mood, nuking stress in the process. As an added perk, lovemaking and climax can help keep emotional tension at bay. Talk about a win-win situation.

Getting to Know Foreplay

Foreplay is a series of physical and emotional activities performed prior to sexual intercourse. Kissing, touching, and other forms of intimacy are intended to increase closeness and arousal between partners. This erotic stimulation of the body, mind, or both may last from several minutes up to several hours depending on individual preferences.

Why Foreplay Is Important

Foreplay can be beneficial for a breadth of reasons. Engaging in foreplay can reduce stress and anxiety for an easier, less stressful sexual experience. It fosters intimacy between partners by creating an atmosphere of closeness and emotional attachment. Foreplay can also increase arousal and natural lubrication, making intercourse more pleasurable and comfortable for both (or all) people involved.

The Length of Lust

There's no single ideal time or length of foreplay; its duration should depend entirely on individual preferences and expectations. Experts generally suggest spending at least 20-30 minutes engaging in foreplay before engaging in intercourse sexually; this helps ensure both partners are fully aroused and ready to begin sexual activity. Along with this, the method used for foreplay can also impact the amount of time spent arousing one another before intercourse.

Regardless of the length, foreplay doesn’t have to be an exhaustive or daunting time after a long, busy day for you or your partner. Spark romance, enhance passion, and relieve your stress with our six best foreplay ideas - made with you in mind.

A Sensual Bath for Two

Baths aren't just for cleansing. Let stress and tension slip away as you and your partner soak together in a warm, sudsy tub. Add lavender oil for improved moods, especially if you've felt anxious or blue. You can even add a third player and spice up your sexual repertoire with a sex toy.

A couple using a shared bath as relaxing foreplay before intercourse.

His-and-Her Massage

Massages can help keep headaches, stress and pain from tinkering with your turn-on. Start by rubbing each other's backs and shoulders, then work your way down to each other's intimate parts down under. Go slowly, letting the anticipation build. For added bliss, use a massage oil or a couple's pleasure gel.

Erotic Vittles

There's no question that food is sexy. Whet your intimate appetites by feeding each other juicy fruits, such as melon or peaches, taking time to taste the juice on each other's lips. For a more decadent treat, drizzle chocolate on each other. You can even feed each other warm lava cake in bed. For a subtler approach, dine by candlelight to soft music. This combo can be a huge turn-on as you dine with what's soon to happen in mind.


Sexy dancing can turn you both on, warming you up in all the right places. Slow dance to sensual music, holding each other close. As the tunes carry on, gradually remove each other's clothes. Look into his eyes and kiss with passion. Dance your way from the living room to the bedroom, or make love right there on the floor.

Experiment with Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are substances that are believed to increase sexual desire or performance. Some examples of aphrodisiacs include oysters, chocolate, and pistachios. While the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of these substances is mixed, there are some possible explanations for why they might work. For example, oysters are high in zinc, which is important for testosterone production. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that can increase feelings of pleasure and excitement. Pistachios have been shown to improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction.

Enter Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation. For women, erogenous zones include the clitoris, breasts, and inner thighs. Men's erogenous zones include the penis, scrotum, and nipples. However, it's important to remember that everyone is different, and what feels good for one person may not feel good for another. Communication between partners is key in discovering each other's erogenous zones.


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