Must Try Stress-Relieving Foreplay Ideas

At the end of a long, hectic day, PJs and sleep may seem most appealing – but you also want to carve some time to connect with your partner. Focus on relaxing foreplay to work your way into the mood, nuking stress in the process. As an added perk, lovemaking and climax can help keep emotional tension at bay. Talk about a win-win situation.


A sensual bath

Baths aren't just for cleansing. Let stress and tension slip away as you and your partner soak together in a warm, sudsy tub. Add lavender oil for improved moods, especially if you've felt anxious or blue. For added spice, bring in a couple's sex toy, such as the K-Y® Teasing Touch™ Vibrator. The small, water-proof massager features five vibration speeds so you can explore the perfect level of pleasure together.


His-and-her massage

Massages can help keep headaches, stress and pain from tinkering with your turn-on. Start by rubbing each other's backs and shoulders, then work your way down to your intimate parts down under. Go slowly, letting the anticipation build. For added bliss, use a massage oil or pleasure gel.




Erotic vittles

There's no question that food is sexy. Whet your intimate appetites by feeding each other juicy fruits, such as melon or peaches, taking time to taste the juice on each other's lips. For a more decadent treat, drizzle chocolate on each other. Or feed each other warm lava cake in bed. For a subtler approach, dine by candlelight to soft music. The combo can be a huge turn-on as you dine with what's soon to happen in mind.



Sexy dancing can turn you both on, warming you up in all the right places. Slow dance to sensual music, holding each other close. As the tunes carry on, gradually remove each other's clothes. Look into his eyes and kiss with passion. Dance your way from the living room to the bedroom, or make love right there on the floor.


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