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K-Y liquibeads

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Sometimes, your mind and your body don’t match when physical intimacy is concerned. You might be raring to go, mentally, but you may not be quite there physically. It happens to everyone. From stress to hormonal changes to certain medications, there are a number of reasons why you may experience this kind of mind-body disconnect.

And though you and your partner love each other and appreciate each other’s company, when dryness enters the bedroom, it makes it hard stay comfortable during intimacy. When dryness enters the bedroom, it makes it hard stay comfortable

Luckily, there's a solution for getting your body all caught up: K-Y® Liquibeads®. This vaginal lubricant is an internal lube you can use before you even make it into the bedroom, ensuring you're ready for whatever, whenever. Discover our K-Y lubricant beads and their incredible benefits.

K-Y Liquibeads

Vaginal Dryness Be Gone

First and foremost, K-Y® Liquibeads® combat vaginal dryness and are a female lubrication product, bringing suppleness back to your intimate areas. Just one bead, made from high-quality silicone, can give you back that hydration right where you need it. Did you know that the beads can be used with condoms or even a massager for any type of between-the-sheets activity you desire?


Discreet Lubrication

Using the OVULE® insert, you can easily and discreetly insert one of the K-Y Liquibeads® and it will start dissolving in minutes without any leakage or mess to worry about. Just insert one and then go on with your day or night. And because there are no fragrances or irritants, you won't even feel the product – only its pleasurable benefits during intimacy.


Bring Back the Spontaneity 

Because you can insert K-Y® Liquibeads® hours before you might actually get into bed, the product allows you to get intimate on your terms. Rather than having to stop the action to apply lubricant or adhere to some kind of time limit, you'll simply be ready to go whenever your partner is. Whether you insert the product in the morning or at night, you're already prepared for whatever action is coming your way.


Pleasure Enhancer

Lubricants in general can up the pleasure factor for your overall intimate life. K-Y® Liquibeads® offers that benefit – and more. Because this product is an insertable kind of lube, it ensures an enjoyable, exciting experience no matter if you're having a quickie or going for a longer love-making session. You'll be comfortable and feel closer to your partner from start to finish. Want more from you K-Y Liquibeads? Discover the best moments to use them in our helpful guide.


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