When to Use K-Y Liquibeads

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Be ready when the mood strikes 

You and your partner have a routine. He makes you coffee in the morning while you fold his PJs; he kisses you goodbye before you’re off to work; he lends a shoulder for you to lean on while you relax in front of the television. And while you love that you and your partner have a routine, when the mood strikes, you want to be ready.

Nothing helps answer the call like K-Y® Liquibeads®. This innovative personal lubricant is a long, lasting vaginal moisturizer that comes in a discreet ovule insert. Simply insert the ovule with the disposable applicator and that’s it! Insert another ovule 24 hours or later, as needed. 

The great thing about K-Y Liquibeads is because they are long-lasting, they can help give you the confidence that your body will be as ready as you are whenever the mood strikes. Consider the following four tips your field guide for using Liquibeads® to help you grow closer – intimately and physically.

K-Y Liquibeads

When you aren't a fan of re-applying

It's not that bringing out the personal lubricant during intimacy is a big deal. In fact, breaking it out in the first place can take your arousal to the next level and serve as a catalyst for some impressively climactic moments. But if grabbing the bottle more than once feels too much, K-Y® Liquibeads® are a smart call. Once inserted, the beads enhance natural lubrication in a way that lasts night and day.


When you have time for foreplay

Part of what makes  K-Y® Liquibeads® so unique is the lubricant's distinctive delivery system. Using the applicator provided, the beads are comfortably and discreetly inserted for a decidedly easy and mess-free experience. Because it takes a few minutes for the insert to dissolve, K-Y® Liquibeads®  are ideal for occasions when you can enjoy intimate play while the product works its magic.


When dryness is more than a casual occurrence

Whereas other personal lubricants diminish too quickly for women who may lack moisture, K-Y® Liquibeads® hydrate from the inside out and offer serious staying power – think hours, according to some reviewers.


When intimacy is in your near future

In the heat of the moment, no one really wants to be bothered with the discomfort that can come from occasional dry spells. If you know you and your partner will be partaking in intimate play over the course of a few days, K-Y® Liquibeads®  can be the key to your peace of mind. Inserted discreetly beforehand, they'll keep you covered so you can focus on what's really important: your connection as a couple.

Want to know more about Liquibeads? Discover their benefits in our helpful guide.


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