How to Set Up an Online Dating Profile

Make your dating resume shine by showing off your best self...

Your dating profile is essentially your relationship resume. It's the only way fellow online daters will know anything about you and how they will judge – for better or worse – whether or not they'd like to know more. A great profile will not only help attract the people you want but also weed out people who may not be a great match for you.

When crafting a profile that potential partners will be drawn to, the formula is simple: be authentic and write from your heart. Your online persona should truly reflect who you really are and, at the same time, show others why they'd be lucky to date you.

Set a positive tone

You want to set a confident, cheerful tone for your profile. This is not to say that every sentence needs to end with exclamation points and an excess of emoticons (read: avoid at all costs), but you do want to create an overall positive attitude.

That means highlighting the good parts of your life and your personality, shying away from relaying negative opinions, and saving any adverse circumstances that have led you to where you are today at a later date. First impressions are everything online and appearing upbeat is simply more attractive.

First impressions are everything online and appearing upbeat is simply more attractive!

Choose the right photo

Another way you'll make a killer first impression is with a well-chosen picture. Select something flattering, but recent – an image that looks like you today. Try to use a photo of just yourself without any telltale cropping out of other people, especially an ex-partner.

If you don't have one, ask a friend to take a photo of you – no selfies! If you have a passion for something – be it hiking, painting or cooking – show that off in your photo if you feel that this characteristic defines you in a big way.

Proclaim your passions

Few things are more attractive than a person with a vibrant life and various activities that bring him or her joy. Don't be shy about describing what makes you tick and how you truly enjoy spending your time. For example, if you have a soft spot for dogs and cats, talk about volunteering at your local animal shelter. Or, if you love traveling, describe the favorite places you've visited and what excites you about seeing new parts of the world.

Detailed, candid information about your interests helps to show that you're an engaging person who knows how to make yourself happy. Plus, your enthusiasm will draw in others who have similar passions and you'll be able to find someone who shares your particular zest for life.

Highlight your relationship goals

Make sure you describe the type of person or partnership you're looking for in your written profile so that others can understand your relationship objectives. If you're interested in dating around, be clear that you're not looking for anything exclusive. If you're hoping to get married someday, definitely make that known. In the end, you want to find someone who wants the same things in life as you do. 


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