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This Valentine’s Day, challenge yourself and your partner to celebrate the holiday without spending any money. Why? Though a box of chocolates or a pretty heart-shaped necklace is nice, doing something for your honey in a creative, budget-saving way is a thoughtful way to show you care. Before you get to planning, tell your partner to sit back and relax; you’re in charge of Valentine’s Day this year. Here are four ways that you can orchestrate a Valentine's Day he'll never forget.


Make him a card

You don't have to forsake the Valentine's Day card just because you've committed to a freebie day. Channel Esther Howland, the Mother of the American Valentine, and look around your house. Dig into construction paper, lace, glue, ribbon from your gift-wrap stash, and magic markers; even copy paper will do. Unless you are really skilled at calligraphy and cutting out perfect shapes, you may want to go for the silly but heartfelt look. If there's a poem in your heart, write it here. Need more inspiration? Try cutting out pieces from old or unused Valentine's Day cards or snip pictures from magazines. He’ll feel touched by the amount of time and effort spent on his card.


A night on the town

Do you always associate Valentine's with leaving your abode? No problem. You can easily plan a free date night. Ride a bike or take a walk if that's feasible, but a car date works, too. Take a light meal in a picnic basket and get creative. Top sub sandwiches with hot peppers – which stimulate nerve endings – for a fun, aphrodisiac boost. Bring plenty of water to cool your palates. Homemade cookies make a great on-the-go treat. If you're feeling extra frisky, scope out a local spot where teens go to make out.


Keeping the home fires burning

If you stay home, you'll need one main thing – a clear dance floor. Move any clutter and light furniture, and leave an open space for dancing the night away. Find some free music on the Internet, or crank up your favorite tunes. Intimate or feisty, your first jams should get your blood pumping. Whether you're Fred Astaire's granddaughter or if you've never tried to dance in your life, just have a good time with it. Letting yourself go will give you great exercise—and maybe even a laugh or two. After an hour or so, switch out for some slower, more bluesy tunes that will leave you both ready to do a slow dance.


One more surprise

Your man might think he knows your next move as you lead him to the bedroom, but you can have one more surprise in store – a foot massage. While planning the evening, give yourself a crash course in reflexology. And later, if you’re in the mood for exploration, add K-Y® Yours+Mine into you and your partner’s bedroom repertoire. With a warming sensation for him and a tingling sensation for her, you’ll find this lubricant exhilarating—and more importantly, as a way to show him you really care.






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J. Lucy Boyd obtained her BSN degree, summa cum laude, in 2000. She has written several medical books including "Your Mental Health Questions Answered" and "101 Ways to Score Higher on Your NCLEX." Her career spans from a busy intensive care unit in a large city to caring for patients in isolated, rural communities.

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