couple in the bedroom communicating

Better Bedroom Communication

No matter how connected you and your partner are, you may shy away from blunt discussions about your sex life. Many couples, in fact, rely on cues ...

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woman with a flower

K-Y's Top 5 Lubes

Not sure which is the best lube to use? Discover what is right for you and your partner, and take your intimate moments to a new level. Read here.

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a couple in bed upgrading foreplay

4 Ways to Upgrade Foreplay

Foreplay is one of the most exciting parts of intimacy and can lead to endless pleasure for you and your partner; read our tips for making it even ...

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couple having fun together

4 Best Sex Toys

Sex toys aren't taboo as they once were. Learn how to experiment in the bedroom with your partner for a more pleasurable experience with K-Y. Read ...

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